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We have supported utilities and their customers in many of the first, largest and most innovative modernization projects; resulting in 10 Project of the Year awards.  Project examples in several countries include:​

  • 1st Electric AMI Project

  • 1st Water AMI Project

  • 1st Streetlight AMI Project

  • Largest Electric, Water, Streetlight and Gas AMI 

  • Highest Value Smart IoT City (2017 full scale install) 

    • AMI (electric, water, streetlight) 

    • Fiber-coax WAN providing voice, video and data

  • 450 MW Fast DR Program with full site backup

Smart People, Smart Teams

Utilities have smart capable people, but they may do only one of these projects in a career. Our career is supporting these projects for many utilities.


We play the role of a ship’s pilot. We bring our detailed project knowledge, templates and benchmark insights to steer the project successfully to its destination. If you believe your utility has smart, dedicated, and hard-working people, then we’re the consulting partner for you. We will guide your people; not bring in an entirely new crew. Our team has supported programs for utilities ranging from 10,000 meters up to 30 million.


Our expert team partners with the utility's team to jointly work on tasks in ways that transfers insights and skills, creating long term value for our clients.


No Surprises

The team you interview is the one who will be helping you on a day to day basis - no staff switches.  


We are unbiased towards suppliers and technologies. We support choosing solutions based on the ability to maximize value driven by the vision and business case, and our clients have selected solutions from all of the major suppliers.​


We have supported utilities of all types and sizes around the world. With experience in dozens of projects, we focus on “realistic innovation” tied to the utility's risk profile.

Successful Projects

Successfully supporting a utility with 5,000 devices or one with 30 million requires proven and scalable processes as well as documentation. We continuously evolve our processes and documentation reflecting industry developments, and those driven by our clients. 

Our customer's success is demonstrated by the fact that we are routinely engaged for additional help on current projects and support on new projects.


Trusted Partner


A Woman Owned Business Enterprise

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