IOU Sustainable Program 

Major Uses: AMI, HEMS, EVs and Streetlights.

MWC Value Example: We supported the RFP and contract negotiations for the network, smart electric meters, gas MIU’s, MDMS, network installation, meter and gas MIU installation, and system integration. 

Smart Resilient City Program​

Major Uses: AMI, NRW, Service Disconnect

MWC Value Example: We supported the RFP for a 2-way network and water meter MIUs; negotiations resulting in deployment; negotiations with RF WAN supplier for water AMI backhaul and non-utility services.

Smart IoT Sustainable City 

Major Uses: Electric and water AMI, NRW plus Smart Streetlights integrated into an existing WAN providing IoT, voice, video and data services to consumers and businesses.


MWC Value Example: We supported vision and strategy creation plus business cases for the electric, water and streetlight business units. The board approved funding for the project in its entirety and successfully sold a bond to finance the program.  

IOU IoT Sustainable Program 

Major Uses: IoT, AMI, DR, DA


MWC Value Example: We supported separate electric and water utilities, whose service areas partially overlap, with their shared IoT vision, strategy, business case and RFP. Both utilities face unique challenges due to very rapid customer and load growth rates. The utilities are focused on engaging customers with demand response offerings and enhancing the customer's experience.  



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